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Moved to new location

Posted by Pradeep Mishra on March 21, 2008

I have moved to new location Please visit this link for latest posts. Here is a small writeup about noesispedia..


noesispedia is a entrepreneurial and a non profit organization, started by few working professionals, working towards growth of individual through motivating creative writing, knowledge sharing and collabaration. We provide a single online platform serving following purposes…

  • Group Blogging: Know what your friends are writing and be in touch with them
  • Motivate individual to donate some of their time to help grow others
  • Web log problems faced in routine work
  • Share solutions with others
  • Debate on new ideas
  • Post open source projects and tools



  • Very few people and publishing blog and on top that all information is scattered. We want to converge the knowledge and people together
  • There is no way to find out what technology/business domain your friends are working. We want to provide a platform to find like minded people and solutions through them
  • You want to know what’s going on in your circle
  • You face lots of problems and spend a fair amount of time in solution but you do not keep a track of them. In future may face the same problem again and spend the same effort and time. We want you to keep track of them to avoid putting the same effort again
  • Provide free information to all


noesispedia is an organization build by its contributors. All group members belong to technical field but that doesn’t mean everything here is gonna be tech stuff. No not at all. You will surely have lots of fun stuff like cartoons, music reviews, movie reviews, puzzles etc.The primary purpose of Noesis is to grow people through people.


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